Dance DVDs

Body Rhythm Goddess Vol. 1

Entering into sacred space, we honor our bodies as temples of the Goddess. This Dance Ritual begins in beautiful Northern California with a sunrise salutation and invocation to enhance the start of your day. We then go into a Yoga stretch routine to increase the body’s flexibility. Next is the Tribal Dance Workout section. These movements are African dance inspired and will connect you with your inner primal rhythm. The core/Pilates routine will strengthen and tone your abdominal muscles. Lastly, we will end with a peaceful relaxation stretch under a magnificent Mama oak tree.
Price: $24.95

Body Rhythm Goddess Sections:
1. Morning Invocation
2. Sunrise Sun Salutation 5 min.
3. Yoga/Stretch 10 min.
Tribal Dance Workout
4. African Fusion and Rhythmic Dance
Warm-up 22 min.
Cardio 20 min.
Cool-down 7 min.
5. Core/Pilates 10 min.
6. Final Stretch 10 min.
Bonus Tracks:
1. Mamaya!!! Women’s Drum Ensemble with Free Dance
2. Body Rhythm Goddess Chant
3. Empowerment Chant
4. Healing Song

Kris Freewoman is a divine spark connected right to the source of rhythm, love and light. Her joyful presence will inspire your movement and open your heart.
—Colleen Cannon,
Founder Women's Quest                

Come and join the magic. 
Come and join the fun!!!
Love & blessings, Kris Freewoman

Tribal Dance Workout

This is a bird’s eye view of class and includes a rhythmic limbering warm-up, cardio workout, cool-down and final stretch. Total body workout. For all fitness levels.

Tribal Dance Workout™ is a fusion of African dance, active healing movements and dynamic stretching. It re-connects the body to its natural state of well being that is abundant with health and vitality. This class increases stamina and energy, strengthens the legs and core muscles and is fun and exhilarating for every fitness level.

Price: $24.95