I am so grateful for the incredible students I have in my classes. You are all the
"Wind Beneath My Wings"!!! Thank-you for the love and laughter that we share on a continuous basis and for the testimonies of your personal experiences.

Class was excellent and I want to tell you why. The movements are easy to follow on all levels. You repeat patterns enough before you add others so you don't get lost. Dancing in circle initially is really nice and we warm up with the actual movements. The energy was super. Kris, I am 65 years old and I am so stoked that I can follow your class. Thanks so much. You are a Blessing. AND got a great workout but teaching isn't as easy as many people would think especially with moving your body in ways that Americans are not used to. You are the best.

Frances Sima Bailin - LCSW
Outpatient Medical Social Work

Kris is a fabulous teacher, her class is great exercise but that is the least of it.  We form a community where bringing all your self and energy is easy. Kris is radiant and we become radiant in response. The movements are relatively easy to learn and fun to do. The vocalizations are freeing and deeply felt. I rave about the class to everyone.

Kathleen Murphy

Dearest Kris

What I have so honored you for is that you receive your tribe of women and remind
them that movement is POWER.  You encourage them to say "Yah-YAH!!!" You model permission, a lost art for so many women.  You model connection, also a missing link for far too many women.  You model that they might even defy gravity! You feel more like a labor and delivery coach...helping women to access their courage, to open up, to work it out,  to give birth to themselves...
..and they do so in a safe community of like minded women.  Blessed BE.

I honor and LOVE you!
Sharon McCarthy
Integrated Awareness® Teacher


Many thanks for keeping a flame of the Goddess burning in our community.
The crafts faire was outstanding!

Love and blessings to you,

Thanks for keeping me on this list....I so enjoy hearing from you!
You will always have a special place in my heart for unleashing the joy of
African dance in my soul...

Many blessings,

Mary Bartley, RN
Director of Care Management
Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital


Thank you so much for the wonderful class today.  I feel alive again!!!! 
I love dancing the kow-a-bunga with you!

Elizabeth Cupp

I am so pleased that you are back at it. Rhythm workout is a wonderful introduction to African dance and it is so powerful for you to bring goddess energy into the mainstream conservative world. I was so empowered by your work that I was inspired to leave my static, abusive relationship and sooooo many amazing things have happened since I took that workshop from you. Rhythm workout would be neat on Maui, but we don’t have anything as wonderful as Elan here... wish we could open one here ourselves...
I love you, sister and am so happy to be in touch with you


I just love your spirit and enthusiam with African dance, it is like a warm lovely nectar that enlivens the soul!!

Much love,

Kris, (Instructor Training Program)

I am so grateful for  your deep sharing of many lines of knowledge Kris. You are a wonderful teacher, one of the most balanced teachers I have experienced in 25 years of workshops and schooling.  


I absolutely LOVE the African Dance class taught by Kris.  She is a phenomenal instructor and completely inspires you to dance your heart out.  The class was a great workout for me throughout my difficult pregnancy and was the one thing that I looked forward to all week long.  I took the circle of women with me into my birthing and felt their positive energy throughout my labor. I can't recommend it highly enough!

Christine Naber

Kris's dance class is something that I look foward to every week. It dosen't matter what kind of mood I am in when I walk into class, I always leave feeling happy and less stressed. The class is like a great release that definately touches a part of my soul. Kris is so lively and so much fun it is impossible to not have a good time with her.

Melissa Lapides
—Councling Psychology Student and mother of two (soon to be three).

Kris is such an inspiring dancer. Her energy is infectuous and I feel like dancing in her classes is close to bliss. I wish I could dance with her every day...

Sarah Piccolo
La Luna Piccolo Culinary Services

Kris fires up the room with her infectious spirit and inspired teaching. Her instruction and her movements are clear, as if she were born into the dance. Even in a large class she's aware of each of her students levels. I've learned a lot from Kris in a short period of time, and I always have fun."    

Clara Rosemarda, M.A.,
—counselor, writer, workshop leader

Tomato Talk - “Yay Body”
©2008 by Susan Swartz
I’m taking a new exercise class. A kind of Afro funk workout. We dance for 30 minutes and then we do 30 minutes of weights. Bones, body, brains – all on fire.